Handbook Hindenburg Narrator Audio production (PDF book)

Handbook Hindenburg Narrator Audio production (PDF book)

English edition

PDF-Boek , 185 pagina's
€ 24,99

The Hindenburg Narrator audio recording and editing software is a powerful tool for voice overs who produce navigable audio and therefore need to connect text and time. It supports creation of audio books, ePub with audio, DAISY products, and podcasts where no navigation is required. Narrator features special functions that speed up production, while you stay in control of progress and quality.

Hindenburg Narrator exists in a standard version that can export to audio book format and in a more extensive Studio version that also provides export to ePub and DAISY, and can save your current session as a template.

The handbook is based on the Studio version and it is suitable for both Windows and Apple users.

Hindenburg's philosophy is that handling audio recording and editing software should be easy enough for users outside the realm of professional sound editors. Also if you are a journalist, a blogger or a voice-over, using Hindenburg products should be within reach without previous long study. The Narrator interface looks sleek and inviting. But still, recording and editing functionality remains rather complex by the nature of its subject. Basic understanding of the most common learning topics remains a necessity.

When compiling the content, we mainly thought of voice-overs who make recordings in their own home studio. Especially for those who have recently joined the profession and for whom many concepts are still new, the handbook starts with a small workshop to get acquainted with the most common terms and objects in the audio software, like a new house whose rooms you will get to know. Later chapters follow the line of the production stages and go into details.

Experienced voice-overs and sound editors can discover in the book what distinguishes Hindenburg Narrator from other software they are already familiar with, and study the more advanced production features.

The information is supported with images, tables, diagrams and use cases where this could contribute to better understanding.

Some of the many topics in this handbook are:

  • Ways to realize the navigation structure
  • Setting the recording characteristics
  • Synchronization of audio with text during recording and afterwards
  • Check and edit audio
  • Automatic checks and corrections
  • Apply effects and use voice profiles
  • Audio assembly and consolidation
  • Export to audiobook, ePub and DAISY
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