Collaborate or Die, English edition (e-book)

Collaborate or Die, English edition (e-book)

The co-creation book for change makers

E-Book, 200 pagina's
€ 19,99

The years between “today” and 2030 have been dubbed the Decade of Action. Even without - and before - COVID, it was already clear that nobody can make the changes we need alone. More than ever, companies can and must connect with others to use their business as a force for progress. But how? By using the power of co-creation, defined as “The collaborative creation of new value, together with experts and stakeholders”.

In this practical, action-oriented, and easy to read book, Martijn Pater and James Veenhoff take us on a step-by-step journey towards impact. Building on over 15 years of international experience with corporates, startups, NGOs and governments, they de-mystify the term co-creation, describe the key types and trends and share the Five Guiding Principles. Laced with practical tips and inspiring case examples, this book is a must read for anyone interested in unleashing the power of co-creation to make progress. Want to find out how Rainforest Alliance, WWF, Heineken and Philips and the like apply co-creation? Then this is the book for you.

About the authors: James Veenhoff and Martijn Pater are the founders of Fronteer, a B-Corp Certified strategy firm from Amsterdam. One is an anthropologist, the other an engineer. Their complementary perspectives form the basis for their successful co-creative approach.

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  • James Veenhoff

    James Veenhoff

    James is medeoprichter van impact strategie bedrijf Fronteer dat inmiddels is uitgegroeid tot een van de leidende spelers op het gebied van co-creatie . Met klanten als HEMA Heineken KLM Shell Eneco Rabobank WWF en de Gemeente Amsterdam wordt gewerkt...
    Veenhoff V
  • Martijn Pater

    Martijn Pater

    Martijn Pater is een ervaren strateeg met meer dan 20 jaar ervaring. Hj is gericht op innovatie co-creatie smart cities mobiliteit duurzaamheid en strategieën met positieve impact. Hij is industrieel ontwerper creatief denker en ondernemer. Martijn is...
    Pater P

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